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Coping & Recovery Skills for Everyday Living

Learn a process of growth and change toward greater health, expressive freedom and a full life!

*Break the Cycle of Self-Destructive Behaviors

*Discover Skills to Manage Every Day Stress

*Develop Effective Communication

*Learn and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

*Identify Behaviors that Interfere with Recovery and Healing

Women's Empowerment

Revitalize spirit and foster self motivation!

*Challenge Unhealthy Behavior

*Build Self Confidence

*Raise Self Concept

*Eliminate Insecurities

*Obtain Encouragement and Support

What's Next

Help meet the needs of individuals who through external events (divorce, empty nest, job loss...) or internal pressures (restlessness, uncertainty, feeling overwhelmed...) realize that change is needed!

*If you feel pressured to respond to the question "What Do I Do Next?"

*Know What you Want to do but Feel Confused/Inhibited

*Wish to Express Yourself in New Ways

*Want Support to Play with New Ideas and Dreams

Adolescents & Adult Anger Management

Building skills to manage anger

*Understanding Anger

*Impact on Relationships

*Coping Skills/Stress Management

*Identifying Anger Triggers

*How Does Anger Control Us

Social Skills for Children

Helps children learn and integrate appropriate social skills to make and keep friends

*Provide Children with Tools to Interpret Non-Verbal Cues such as Facial Expression & Body Language

*Understanding and Identification of Emotions

*Learn Socially Appropriate Behaviors such as Sharing, Taking Turns, and Keeping a Positive Attitude

*Develop Age Appropriate Communication Skills

*Manage Strong Emotions such as Anger

*Identify Positive Qualities and Develop Self-Esteem

What to do When Your Brain Gets Stuck

Children's OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

*What is OCD

*Why do Kids Get OCD

*Show OCD Who's Boss

*You Can Do It



Oppositional Defiant Children and Teens